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Happy Hour with the Artist | Marco Parente

I’m waiting for the war to be fought that will make the world safe for anarchy and I wait for the final withering of all governments.

And then Big Brother threw everything in our faces as always, not to inform us, not to make us conscious, sentient. Not to perhaps finally get indignant, after all it’s not tomato cans against useless paintings,  it’s not paints against a building. No, it’s much less, it’s worth much less. And so little by little every day, as always, we got used to this too. To make everything that is not normal become normality and short paragraphs in a newspaper”.

From the pages of a recent diary:
I wanted to focus only on my little inner world but how do you do that when everything is so absurd and wrong outside?
And above all, what’s the point?
They were intense, rich and full of emotions days. I’m still shaken. I believe that Marco Parente has given me a lot. We’ll talk about it, we’ll still hear the echo. For now I’m looking for the words to express this awareness as King would say, but I only find colors around.
Would you love a scorpion less because it behaves like one?
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

These small pieces on display are Revolution.
I was inspired by Marco Parente’s texts, by his gentle revolution and I created new works that found a place and space and air in my world, my beating heart, a small resistant gallery that could not exist without the us that all together we are building.

Let’s cross the yellow line that divides us and let ourselves be carried away. I’m doing it.